Kunden Erfahrung und Take-aways

Saras Reading Erfahrung und
ihre wichtigsten Take-aways

In diesem Video interviewe ich meine Kundin Sara, mit der ich ein Jahr zuvor ein Face Reading und Numerologie-Reading gemacht habe. Wir sprechen über ihre wichtigsten Take-aways und wie Sie die Informationen und Ratschläge für sich umsetzten konnte.

Geführte Meditation

Geführte Meditation:
Entscheide dich.

Diese Meditation kann dir helfen, die für dich richtige Entscheidung zu treffen, in Einklang mit deinem Herzen und deiner inneren Führung. Komm mit auf eine Reise zu deinem inneren Selbst.

Face of the Day


Eyes to perceive
With lips that selectively speak
A sensitive heart
Unrevealing from the hurt of the past

That seductive presence
Seeking for depth in love
Releasing inner strength
Trusting the voice from above

A passion long forgotten
Deemed to discover that inner card
Challenged by the mind
To overthink if you are one of a kind

When healing hands meet the love for art
A true authority is getting to start
Combining a sense of wit and will
To identify an unknown skill

A face reading poem for Dasha Minkina.

Face of the Day


Sometimes silent. Sometimes shy.
A great heart is shining below that big pupil eye.

Loving lips though rare words to express.
Keeping secrets hidden, just nevertheless.

A thinker in colours, in shapes and in form. 
True empathy – that is here the norm.

With a subtle challenge of letting things go. 
And just leave it up to its natural flow.

That constant fight between intuition and mind.
Can make it hard to keep the spirit aligned.

To be seen or not to be seen? 
That's the question deeply asked.

“Here I am and this is me”
Is what it actually should be.

A face reading poem for Quirin Vodermayer.


I never though about it like that.

A poem about the discovery of the human nature.

Face of the Day


Gazing far.
Though looking inside.
Sensitive thoughts.
Where does it take me?
Where will I go? 
I am somewhere else.
My eyes they observe. 
But I do not listen. 
What‘s multitasking anyway? 
I celebrate life. 
And travel for growth. 
I‘m becoming a gardener. 
Well, that‘s me.
And also that‘s life. 
Want a cup of coffee?

A face reading poem for Julian Kestermann.